The hungry dieters

Being a little bit greedy has its downsides. Particularly when coupled with a general dislike of most forms of exercise. 

Mr little bit greedy and I are both a touch larger than we would ideally like. We are, however, addressing the 'problem' and slowly but steadily the pounds are dropping off. I'm still not back to pre-pregnancy weight but I'm nearly there. Dieting doesn't come easy for the greedy. Cooking food that satisfies and fills us up at the same time as helping tip the scales in the right direction is a challenge.

We have found success with weight watchers (this is in no way a promotion of their products, merely something that has worked for us). I have enjoyed seeking out recipes to fit within our daily points allowance and enjoyed the flexibility 'allowed' for treats (and wine!). From time to time, I will post the propoints allowance on our recipes in case it helps others following the diet. Please note that these are my own calculations and I am in no way affiliated with weight watchers.

Here is a list of pro-pointed recipes and recipes which include diet-friendly tips and tricks:


Main courses:
Salmon Filo Parcels 11points

Puddings and bakes:

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