Who is greedy?


My name is Antonia and I am a little bit greedy. Cake is my greatest downfall. I cannot resist. Cake baking is pretty much my favourite way to spend an afternoon. I'm rather partial to puddings too - sticky toffee, apple crumble, treacle tart, chocolate fondants... Heaven. I do eat savoury food too, you will be pleased to hear. Smoked mackerel pate, venison casserole, chicken and leek pie, asparagus with hollandaise sauce and pommes dauphinoise are all fairly key to my overall happiness.

My husband is also a little bit greedy. His tendencies are towards the savoury. A really good pork pie makes his day. He is also more than partial to a good curry. He is a quite superb cooker of curries and our spice cupboard is overflowing as a result. He also loves dim sum, steamed syrup sponge and cheese sandwiches.

Our son (14 months) follows in our footsteps. He too is a little bit greedy. He is adventurous in that once he has spat out a mouthful of a new food and examined it carefully by squishing it into the highchair, he will invariably go on to try another mouthful. As a full-time stay-at-home Mummy, I have loved the weaning process and enjoy cooking him a wide variety of tasty dishes. His favourites include sweetcorn and courgette fritters, tuna pasta, lamb tagine and hidden vegetable bolognese. Despite this, there is always a packet of fish fingers in the freezer for emergencies and I am not beyond thinking that a banana, some bread sticks and a mini babybel equals a perfectly acceptable tea!

However, our greed is nothing compared to that of our beloved black labrador, Sinbad. Here he is in all his glory...

Sinbad's favourite foods include ham, sausages, anything that has fallen from the highchair (how do people without dogs cope?!), butter, eggs, tuna, pears and horse poo (sorry!).

We live in the beautiful Cotswolds and we cook according to the seasons (though not slavishly so). We tinker with growing our own vegetables. We do a spot of foraging for sloes and damsons for our gin. We love a visit to a local farmer's market. Occasionally, we like to sample the area's great restaurants and pubs (though less often now that we have a babysitter bill to take into account). Above all, we take huge pleasure in cooking and eating. 

This blog is a collection of ramblings and musings, recipes and foodie news. I hope that you enjoy your visit. 

If you have any questions, please do feel free to comment or to email me on alittlebitgreedy [at] gmail.com

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