Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Toddler teatime: salmon and pea frittata

Years ago my mother (or was it Father Christmas?) gave me a very small frying pan. At the time, I cooked on gas and was unable to make the flame small enough to go underneath this miniature pan. It languished at the back of the cupboard unloved and unused. Since moving to the sticks and waving goodbye to modern comforts like gas, it has finally found great favour in my kitchen for all sorts of small jobs. It is the perfect size for a fried egg. Ideal for toasting a few nuts to sprinkle over a salad. Just right for sizzling a few cocktail sausages for my son. It is also the ideal pan for an individual frittata or Spanish omelette for my boy.

Thank goodness for eggs. When time is short, five 'o clock has been and gone and my son is getting fractious, there is nothing quite so useful an egg. In the time it takes for bread to toast, I can scramble an egg and tea is on the table in an instant. I am so relieved that he likes eggs (for the moment - we all know how fickle toddlers can be). If I have leftover potatoes in the fridge, I sometimes make a smidge more effort and turn his teatime egg into a frittata. Add a few vegetables and perhaps a sprinkling of cheese on the top and a balanced meal is yours in moments. On this occasion, I had some cold leftover salmon in the fridge too so I added this along with some peas and a new teatime favourite was born. 

Making this with leftovers makes for a super speedy meal but it wouldn't take long to boil up a couple of baby potatoes and poach a few small cubes of salmon in water before adding to the pan. I made an individual portion for my son in my mini frying pan but scale up the quantities to make one larger frittata for the whole family.  

Salmon and pea frittata
Serves one toddler


Knob of butter
2 baby potatoes, cooked al dente
1/4 spring onion, very finely chopped (or a few snipped chives)
1/4 fillet of cooked salmon
1 tbsp peas
1 egg
Optional: a small grating of cheese, if you like a browner top

1. Pre-heat the grill.

2. Melt a small knob of butter in a mini frying pan (if you have one!) and add the potatoes, fry for a few minutes along with the spring onion.

3. Flake the salmon and add to the pan, along with the peas. Whisk the egg with a fork and pour over the mixture in the pan. Cook gently for a few minutes until the egg is nearly set, sprinkle with a little cheese if desired and then transfer to the grill to cook the top (cover the handle of the pan in foil if it is not ovenproof).


  1. Your small son is thoroughly spoilt Antonia - he will grow up having eaten the most amazing food:) I am now cooking using an induction hob and pans I found difficult to use on my gas hob are now being used. Are you using electric now or an Aga?

  2. Just electric sadly, which I hate, I must admit. We did have an Aga for a while in our rented house which I loved although it was coal fired and therefore a lot of work! My mother-in-law has just switched to induction and loves it. How are you finding it?

  3. Made this for tea tonight (thanks Toto, am finding this blog rather inspirational!) - went down pretty well considering my daughter swears blind she hates salmon!

    1. So pleased it went down well, Lucy! I find the frittata a food vehicle for disguising lots of things that R won't usually eat. Peas help too, I think.


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