Friday, 18 October 2013

New beginnings

A taste of things to come - Torta alla Gianduia

Once upon a time, in an era before marriage, relocation to the countryside, nappies and the general chaos that comes with family life, I wrote a food blog. 

It wasn't fancy. I wasn't particularly adept at photography and I was fairly clueless about all technical aspects of blogging. But I loved food and, more to the point, I loved writing about food. Never happier than when pottering about in the kitchen or browsing through my epic library of cookery books, Food, Glorious Food was my very own little outlet for my gluttonous passions.

After several years of sharing my food virtually with all who cared to see or read about it (mainly my Mum, a few indulgent friends and the odd colleague), I ran out of steam. Or, rather, I ran out of time. I got married, moved to another part of the country and started a family. Life became a whirl of sudocreme, mother and baby groups and baking for the village fair. I stopped writing.

But (funnily enough) I didn't stop cooking. Or eating.

In fact, I have been doing more cooking than ever before now that I have more mouths to feed. 

I love cooking for my family and suddenly, I find myself wanting to write about it again. My son's enthusiasm for food is a joy and creating new dishes for him to try is inspiring. This will be a blog with a somewhat different slant to before - full of family-friendly food with ideas for all ages. 

I am excited about reconnecting with favourite food blogs as well as discovering new favourites. I am excited about sharing the food that I love.

My husband is not excited about the prospect of food once again being cold by the time I have photographed it.

I hope you enjoy your visit here at A Little Bit Greedy.


  1. Hi Antonia!:)

    Thank you for popping over. Nice to see you are enjoying being a wife and mum. Great title for a blog and good idea reinventing the blog too, afterall, you have now moved on since the last blog. Speak soon M x

  2. Thank you! Having a few problems with the design elements (my background, particularly) but hoping to work it all out soon. In the meantime, it is good to be back doing something I enjoy so much!

  3. LOVELY to see you and your new blog and thanks so much for adding me to your links page......I have also added you and I shall be a regular reader as I am also greedy! :-) LOVE the name of your new blog and also the design is lovely too......just my kind of style! Karen

  4. Hi Antonia,

    I am delighted that you have started to blog again. I love that all these old school original group of bloggers are still going!

  5. Karen - thank you so much, that is very kind! I am glad you like the style - having a few problems with the background when viewing on ipad etc... I have lots to (re)learn I think!
    Helen - lovely to hear from you. I am enjoying catching up with all the 'old' blogs. Thank you so much for visiting.


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